Born in Marathon of our Greece in 490 B.C. by the heroic effort of the soldier Phedippides who ran this distance to announce to the Athenians the victory of the Greeks, falling dead due to the overexertion. Today in every corner of the world thousands of marathons are being conducted, making thus this sport the one with the most participants in the world and the word marathon, the only common one among all spoken dialects worldwide.

The International Marathon “ALEXANDER THE GREAT”, refers to the route Pella-Thessaloniki. Pella is the ancient capital of Macedonia and the birthplace of the great Commander, whereas Thessaloniki is the modern Hellenic metropolis of Macedonia. This International Marathon which symbolizes one of the most recognizable personalities of humanity, Alexander the Great, is not just a major and International sporting event. It is a path in history, a path in ancient Greek culture, a Path full of Greece.

This event is social, cultural, environmental, tourist and above all historical significance and it is the perfect representative of our city of our Macedonia and our country throughout the world.

The International Marathon is member of the International Marathons Association (AIMS) and it is included in the official and annual calendar.

Thessaloniki (520 km. north of Athens) is the second-largest city in Greece and the capital of the geographic region of Macedonia.
The Marathon race starts at the Central Square of the Municipality of Pella in front of the statue of the "Alexander the Great". The 10Km Road Race starts at the Municipal Stadium of Ampelokipi. The 5Km Road Race starts at Central Ampelokipi Square. 

Marathon - 08.00

The race starts from Pella, the birthplace of Alexander the Great, and capital of Ancient Macedonia. In specific, the race starts at the statue of Alexander the Great. The finish of the race is at the waterfront of Thessaloniki, at the White Tower, near the statue of Alexander the Great on horseback. The route of the Marathon “ALEXANDER THE GREAT” is of low difficulty. Its main characteristics are the low altitude fluctuations, the continuous east direction and the long straight road.

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10KM RACE - 08.45

The 10.000m Road Race starts at the Municipal Stadium of Ampelokipi-Menemeni and finishes at the White Tower, at Thessaloniki beach. The route is certified by IAAF, as the Marathon course.

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5KM RACE - 12.30

The 5Kmm Road Race runs the last 5 km of the Marathon Route, with starting point the central Ampelokipi-Menemeni Square and finishes at the White Tower, at Thessaloniki beach.

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