The Great Marathon

Make your appointment with history. The finish is at the White Tower.


The Great Start

Just in front of the statue of Alexander the Great on horseback,


The Great History

The Romans would make Thessaloniki one of the foremost provinces in the region.

On the road of gods

The Great Race

42Km of happiness on the roads of history

Pella - Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Marathon


In 1997, Thessaloniki was the European Capital of Culture. In 2012, the city celebrated the 100-year anniversary of its liberation and won the title of European Youth Capital for 2014.

thessaloniki Marathon

On April 14, 2019 you are invited to take part in the international marathon. Thessalonica or Salonica, is the second-largest city in Greece and the capital of the traditional Greek geographic region of Macedonia.

Join us - Thessaloniki

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Alexander the Great

Pella- Thessaloniki

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