The Marathon route is of low difficulty. Its main characteristics are the small altitude fluctuations and the long straight street that make it ideal for great records. Some other characteristic features are its constant east direction, the long straight street and the limited inhabited areas which it crosses until almost the 30th kilometer.
The race starts from Pella, in front of the statue of Alexander the Great on horseback, hardly a km from the homonym archaeological site, and some 43 meters above sea-level. After the first km of downhill road, the athletes get onto the Thessaloniki-Edessa highway, following it for another 8 km, until they reach Chalkidona. 
At the 8th km the athletes enter the city of Chalkidona.
At the 9th km they meet the junction Veroia and Thessaloniki. After Chalkidona they leave the 10th km.
At the 13th km the road passes through a bridge over the Axios River.
The 15th km is before the village Gefyra.
The 17th km is at the second exit of the Gefyra village.
The 20th km is right after the exit for Agios Athanasios at the national highway.
The 25th is a little after the crossroad of Nea Agchialos.
The 27th km is at the height of the Greek smelter company "Sidenor".
The 28th km passes over Gallikos River.
Precisely after the 30th km the athletes pass by Ionia (Diavata) and in front of the the premices of EKO, the Greek Petroleum Company (at the 32th km).
The 35th km is in the center of Kordelio, in Monastiriou Street.
At the 38th km the athletes turn right in Giannitson Street.
At the 39th the runners turn right in Dafnis Street and then left in Kountouriotou Avenue.

The 40th km is at the Court of Thessaloniki.
The 41st-42nd km is in Nikis Avenue.
The finish is at the White Tower.